Inspired to Aspire

BNY Mellon and Salford Foundation


Partnership Led Solutions is an established ten-year partnership between BNY Mellon and Salford Foundation in Greater Manchester that has focused on supporting the development of young people to better prepare them for the current world of work. In 2018, the partnership changed emphasis and developed a series of interventions addressing the new BNY Mellon philanthropic objectives of Economic Empowerment and Technology and Digital Capacity Building. The partnership addressed the local, strategically identified, need to provide more digital content in education, address the lack of awareness of digital applications in the workplace and highlight the importance of digital applications for future careers. It was also recognised that students lacked basic financial literacy, hampering their abilities to plan for their future.

The Foundation, with the financial and strategic support of BNY Mellon and the support of partners in education, undertook to research the best way to deliver experiences that would enhance the knowledge and understanding of students and thus created the new Inspired to Aspire programme. The programme has now engaged over 900 children and young people in inspirational experiences that better inform, educate and for post 16 students, provide access to employer and employee led experiences that will enhance their employability. 

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