Homes for Bumblebees

Redrow and Bumblebee Conservation Trust


There is an acknowledged need for more housing in the UK and there is a widespread understanding that nature is under pressure.

Our story; the partnership between Redrow Homes and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) is about creating relationships that work, are sustained, and ensure Redrow's future housing developments are better for nature, better for the health and wellbeing of home owners, better for pollinators, and better for future generations.

Redrow recognised that planning policies provide a good strategic vision for providing for nature through housing developments; however these policies are often about protecting nature rather than enhancing it, and are not always translated effectively at ground level. 

The partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust ensured that pollinators specifically and nature generally, became central to their plans. A unique partnership with successes, challenges, learning, developing, refocusing and achievements continues.

The story starts and continues at Saxon Brook, a development in Exeter, the first of its kind; a unique and innovative housing development that has recognised the need to support our dwindling pollinators. The development boasts beautiful landscaped areas designed to encourage pollinators and other wildlife at the same time as providing a colourful, beautiful, inspiring spaces for residents to enjoy.

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