Global profile raising, The PowerPuff Girls & an African school provide benefits for everyone!

Turner and ActionAid


Turner Broadcasting EMEA is the company behind CNN and Cartoon Network which are both broadcast in Africa and for the last ten years we have been providing school buildings (and two houses) throughout the continent. These provide much needed education for thousands of children and the project brings our staff into close contact with their audiences. 
This entry is for our 2016 project with ActionAid and so far 180 staff have fundraised almost half a million pounds for our African projects where they spend a week helping local builders with the construction. They camp in the villages so experience traditional, rural African living and get to know the teachers and children at the schools which is invaluable for them in their work and also provides the opportunity for villagers to spend time with people from a completely different culture. The partnership with ActionAid also includes Turner donating airtime and space on its websites, use of its world famous cartoon characters and access to its staff and expertise for its charity partner. For example ActionAid's Ebola campaign ran on CNN and around the world and we are currently collaborating on a PowerPuff Girls campaign for one of their school projects. 

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