From start-up to national organisation supporting essential skills

UBS and The Skills Builder Partnership


It is increasingly recognised that what is taught in the classroom does not equip students with the skills they really need once they leave school. Addressing this skills gap was the motivation for the partnership between UBS and the Skills Builder Partnership.
Skills Builder is a social enterprise designed to equip young people with the essential skills to thrive. They focus on building eight essential skills, like team work and problem-solving, as a core pillar of learning in both primary and secondary education. These skills can have a transformative impact in students' success in life after school. 
UBS is a global financial services firm. Through our Community Affairs programme we aim to overcome disadvantage in our local communities through support for education and entrepreneurship. Young people from disadvantaged communities are less likely to receive the interventions needed to build these essential skills.
UBS has been a critical part of the Skills Builder mission from the outset. We provided crucial early-stage funding and have continued to provide financial and strategic support to enable Skills Builder to expand from a single school in Hackney in 2009, to supporting over 130,000 young people in 2018-19 to develop the essential skills needed to succeed.

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