Flying Start partnership

British Airways and Comic Relief


Flying Start is British Airways’ flagship community investment programme, a partnership with Comic Relief since 2010. We fundraise all year round for Flying Start, through a host of unique events for colleagues, and by encouraging customers to donate spare currency during flights. 
The funds we raise support Comic Relief’s vision of a just world free from poverty, with a focus on helping to give disadvantaged young people in the UK and around the world the chance to fulfil their potential. Just some of our key achievements from the last 10 years include:

  •  Helping to provide vaccinations to over 100,000 children across Sub Saharan Africa.
  •  Supporting over 1,000 children in India forced to live on the streets by providing healthcare, informal education and vocational training opportunities.
  •  Supporting projects across the UK reaching thousands of vulnerable young people, including over 2,700 young carers, at risk of social exclusion and harmful behaviours, helping to improve confidence and life skills. 

Since the partnership launched, Flying Start has raised in excess of £24million, which has helped Comic Relief to reach more than 800,000 people. We have broken four Guinness World Records and created our renowned in-flight Safety Video, featuring some of Britain’s best-loved personalities.

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