Harrods and NSPCC


The Fashion Re-told store, was the NSPCC's first ever standalone fashion store, which aimed to raise funds to give every child in London a voice. Fashion Re-told aimed to emulate the luxurious shopping experience which Harrods Knightsbridge store is renowned for. The store was stocked with high-end fashion items donated by brands, as well as donations from members of the public, Harrods staff members, NSPCC supporters and celebrity ambassadors, and Harrods employees.

The store ended up massively surpassing its target, raising £110,555 over 4 weeks, while giving the NSPCC an entirely new and unexpected platform to reach a wider range of engaged and influential stakeholders.

Cadogan, donated a prime retail location on Sloane Street for the store for a 6 week period. This was the first time that Harrods and Cadogan have come together in support of a local cause.

Harrods visual merchandising team took full responsibility for developing and delivering a design concept for the store. One of the biggest challenges faced was having enough full-time staff to run the shop 7 days a week. Fashion Re-told was staffed by a combination of NSPCC team members and 166 Harrods volunteers, who collectively donated 1,400 hours of their time.

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