Exposed: The Scale of Transphobia Online

Brandwatch and Ditch the Label


Brandwatch, in partnership with Ditch the Label, conducted an in-depth report on the prevalence of transphobia online. With the wide disparities in transgender rights geographically and the ongoing debates surrounding acceptance, language use and legislation, this was a critical time to raise awareness of the degree of hate which transgender people are subject to online.
Brandwatch leveraged its digital intelligence platform to track, analyse and understand where transphobia is most prevalent, what sparks the abuse, and how it spreads. We analysed 10-million public posts over 3.5 years; evaluating the climate and extent of digital transphobia - highlighting, for the first time ever, the key moments and people influencing the discourse of transphobia. 
We created the Pyramid of Transphobia to show the very real escalation of transphobia online. Our report aimed to illustrate the true scale of transphobia online and the knock-on effect it has to the trans community offline; impacting their everyday lives. 
Our aim was to increase public awareness, highlight the scale of the problem, and encourage an urgent review of hate speech guidelines on social platforms and in wider legislation. We believe that these discussions are the first step towards eradicating transphobic behaviour online.

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