Everyone Active and Anthony Nolan

Leading leisure operator Everyone Active announced Anthony Nolan as their first national charity partner after two members of staff had been personally affected by blood cancer and had a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Everyone Active knew that the active people using its leisure centres were also the ideal candidates to join the Anthony Nolan register and help save lives. 

Key partnership activity and messaging was led by Everyone Active's head office with individual leisure centres and regions also free to devise their own fundraising activity.

The team have been successful in raising the profile of Anthony Nolan across their 140 leisure centres, which has led to the recruitment of more than 600 new potential donors to the Anthony Nolan register - the most new donors ever recruited through a corporate partnership. 

The relationship with Anthony Nolan has also played a key role in shaping Everyone Active's CSR commitment. New initiatives such as the 'Charity Month' campaign have had a positive impact by engaging employees, encouraging members to get involved, and increasing footfall through centres.

This partnership is about to move into its third year, with plans to keep raising funds, recruiting new healthy donors and celebrating the lifesavers of the future. 

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