Every child in school. Every child learning

Euroclear and Build Africa


Euroclear are Build Africa's longest-standing corporate supporter, and together they have developed a truly meaningful partnership.

In 2018, Euroclear marked their 50th anniversary with a very special gift of €500,000 - the largest corporate donation the charity has ever received. Euroclear took time to understand the unique challenges faced by Build Africa, and decided to focus this gift on delivering the greatest impact possible.

This gift is being used to directly transform the lives of children living in rural Uganda - so every child is in school and every child is learning.

Euroclear also extended their support to the charity's work in the UK. In a truly forward-thinking and collaborative partnership, Euroclear are funding a new website for the charity, a digital fundraising campaign and wider work with their communications team. This is in recognition of the potential to extend the reach of Build Africa’s message and raise vital funds to transform the lives of even more children in rural Uganda.

It is the sign of a truly great charity partnership - keeping the final beneficiary firmly in mind, and listening to each other's needs to find the most appropriate solutions.


Photo credit: Juozas Cernius

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