Deloitte and Teach First Long-term Partnership

Deloitte LLP and Teach First


Too many children aren’t getting the education they deserve. Where you’re from shouldn’t affect where you’re going; yet a child from a disadvantaged background is less likely to get good GCSEs and go on to higher education. The effects of this slow start can last a lifetime, widening social inequality. 
Deloitte has partnered with Teach First since 2006. We’re united in our aim to build a fair education for all. We want to unlock potential in all children, not just some, and we know that behind every pupil there is a school willing them to succeed. That’s why we’re working together to provide invaluable support to pupils through Deloitte’s One Million Futures (OMF) programme. Through our partnership, we’re aiming to develop more great teachers and broaden pupils’ perspectives on the career opportunities available to them. 

Deloitte is proud to have been named as a Teach First Transformation Partner, having contributed over £1million. Over the 2018-19 academic year, we impacted the futures of over 130,000 students and teachers and our commitment goes far beyond the purely financial with significant benefits for both organisations creating impact that matters for young people, teachers and schools across the UK.

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