David Fawcett, Customer Services Manager

Amey Hampshire


David Fawcett is Customer Services Manager for Amey in Hampshire. David believes companies have a moral duty to dismantle barriers in the job market and use their influence to strengthen communities. His zeal and character has transformed Amey Hampshire’s social commitments; David believes that CSR must bolster people’s life chances, not be ‘window dressing’. He has been driven by the desire to “do the right thing” which has seen many Hampshire staff now view CSR as a core part of our work; in a 2016 survey, 95% said “Amey supports the communities in which it works” – the highest score in the UK for Amey and has led to David been a torch bearer for CSR across Amey nationally. It is rare that someone at a local level can have such an impact on a business, raising the bar for CSR. David’s passion, hailed nationally, is driving Amey’s corporate direction – bringing credit to all involved in building a more caring and connected society.

Amey are very proud of David and what he has achieved in Hampshire. They have supported David throughout and have used his enthusiasm and success to encourage others to take part in supporting their local communities.

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