CLIC Sargent and Morrisons partnership

Morrisons and CLIC Sargent


Thanks to the ongoing enthusiasm of Morrisons colleagues and customers, £11 million has been raised for CLIC Sargent in three years. With an extra year added to the partnership in February 2019, and a brand new target of £15 million, they are not done yet.
The partnership has seen incredible growth over the last year raising £4 million in 2019 compared to £3.6 million in 2018. Now the most successful charity partnership in Morrisons history, colleagues have become valued ambassadors for the cause and support young lives facing cancer beyond just income raised. CLIC Sargent runs through the entire business; from gift in kind donations, to work experience opportunities. In addition, commercial opportunities to raise income and awareness seen through ‘Every Pack Gives Back’ campaigns, have engaged Morrisons suppliers to donate through the sale of products and Morrisons themselves have created a range of own-brand products that increase income and awareness for the charity.
The impact of the partnership is making a lasting, fundamental improvement to the way CLIC Sargent is able to support young lives facing cancer with the implementation of ground breaking new services funded by Morrisons that would have taken years to implement without them.

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