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Many families face challenges in daily life that place a stress on the family dynamic and often leaves them without the opportunity or ability to afford time away to relax. In 2016, CLC World Resorts & Hotels representatives attended a charity function which highlighted the need for holidays and breaks away for many people in the UK. 
That was the inspiration for CLC World Charity Holidays, providing “a break away to come together”. Whether a respite break for carers, providing members of the armed forces time to reconnect with their families, allowing bereaved families time to readjust and grieve or children with serious illnesses and their families having time away from the stress of daily life, CLC World Charity Holidays helps make the dream of a holiday, a reality.
As a holiday provider, with worldwide resorts, CLC World through the Charity Holidays initiative provides free holiday accommodation for UK based charities and individuals. Since 2016, the initiative has provided 500+ weeks of accommodation to a variety of causes including Carers Trust, Give Us Time, Bodie Hodges Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund and Dreams Come True, with a further 200+ weeks allocated for 2020.

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