Championing Clean Water

Wimbledon Foundation and WaterAid


In 2018, the Wimbledon Foundation and WaterAid launched a three-year partnership, aiming to create social change by transforming the world's poorest communities through improved access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. The Wimbledon Foundation have committed to donate £100,000 annually to make these basic human rights normal in three countries; Ethiopia, Malawi and Nepal. The partnership focuses on supporting WaterAid's work in health centres, schools and communities and will help reach 82,000 people with access to clean water.

Recognising water is vital to Wimbledon and crucial to the success of The Championships, our partnership aims to communicate the importance of global access to clean water, to ensure everyone can fulfil their potential. In the first year of partnership we have engaged with more than one million people through activities including an augmented reality photo exhibition, a step tool and social media engagement. The Wimbledon Foundation and WaterAid are thrilled to have achieved great partnership results in 2018, accomplishing our goals of increasing awareness of the global water crisis, engaging Wimbledon fans with the partnership and increasing understanding of WaterAid's work.

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