Camden Collective

Camden Town Unlimited and Camden Collective


Camden Town was not fulfilling its full economic and social potential. Camden Collective was created as a multi-platform strategy tackling social issues by curating an eco-system which facilitates the needs of both the commercial stakeholders and general community for a sustainable solution. 
It is a project which tackles barriers to enter business, unemployment and unlocking empty office/shops for meanwhile use. This is achieved partly by the boldness of the partners taking on the risk of moving into spaces with less than 30 day notice periods to create over 66,567 sq. ft of mixed-use community spaces including:

  •  Free start-up hubs, 
  •  Free pop up retail opportunities,
  •  Free market stalls,
  •  Free events spaces, 
  •  Free skills and training spaces 

Using these platforms, the partnership has engineered economic growth through attracting people to Camden Town, increased spend in Camden Town, as well as creating local opportunities to try out in business and gain employment.
With a current make up of businesses using the spaces constituting

  •  64% female founders, 
  •  34% BAME founders,
  •  31% over all of which are residents of the local area 
  •  Average age of a founder is 23 years old

We believe the charity has done extremely well to benefit and be reflective of the local community.

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