Building resilient families

The Myers-Briggs Company and PACT - Parents and Children Together


PACT is one of the UK’s leading independent adoption and family support charities. It helps hundreds of families every year and has a clear vision to strengthen families through high quality therapeutic support and inspirational community projects. The Myers-Briggs Company is a people development business which, while working towards B Corp certification in 2017, wanted to increase its community impact. 
A partnership between the two organisations formed with the aim of supporting PACT’s work through fundraising, volunteering and pro bono work.
From the outset, PACT shared deep insight into how difficult the adoption journey can be for prospective parents. They also revealed how challenging it can be for them when people drop out of the adoption process after significant time and resources have been invested. Both organisations recognised the importance of self-awareness and resilience for everyone embarking on this life-changing journey. Occupational Psychologists at The Myers-Briggs Company developed a program to help prospective adopters as they embark on their adoption path to develop self-awareness and build resilience. PACT staff were subsequently trained to successfully deliver the program themselves. 
During this 18-month partnership measurable contributions included: 

  •  £12,900 in funding 
  •  £6,000+ of complimentary staff training 
  •  Pro bono consultancy services worth approximately £35,000

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