Building Bright Futures Together - Generation Code

Aiimi and UK Youth


Generation Code brings young people together with the best computer science trainers inspiring and encouraging 10-16 year olds to engage with computing. The result? They get creative, get connected and ultimately, get coding.

Our mentorship sparks their interest. Then, through our work together, young people master the skills needed to achieve a career in ICT and coding. 

In the past, Generation Code trained youth workers as 'master tutors' to deliver the programme.
Youth workers are incredibly valuable, but can sometimes lack the knowledge and the time to maximise what technology can offer their young people. Now, combining our technological expertise with Generation Code's content and branding, we make it more accessible than ever.

Aiimi may be small, but we are committed to giving time and money to making Generation Code a reality. Our creativity led us to find funds in creative ways. One day we did a bake sale for London City Giving Day, another using a more traditional half marathon. Some of our staff were so moved by Generation Code they donated their bonuses.

We are proud to say that Aiimi staff have so far invested 84 hours to Generation Code and a further 300 throughout our partnership with UK Youth, equivalent to £19,200 in staff time.

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