British Airways Holidays and Born Free

British Airways Holidays and The Born Free Foundation


In August, British Airways Holidays (“BAH”) launched a partnership with Born Free to develop an animal welfare strategy. Underpinned by Born Free’s expertise, BAH have committed to helping customers make an informed choice where hotels are associated with captive wild animals and never selling tickets for attractions promoting animal performances or swim encounters. BAH audited over 12,000 hotels to establish if captive wild animals are present on site and has lobbied a small number of hotel partners as a result. 
To support animal welfare issues at source, BAH facilitated the launch of Born Free’s ‘Raise the Red Flag’ (“RTRF”) initiative, an online tool for customers to report welfare concerns for animals in captivity worldwide. Since launch in August, over 300 reports have been raised and investigated. BAH intend to provide future support to facilitate animal rescues identified through RTRF.
Ahead of insight from this, BAH evaluated sponsorship opportunities that immediately demonstrated a tangible and genuine concern for animal welfare, underlining the BAH position as a responsible tour operator. As a result, a new rescue section at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary has been built, now housing lions transported by the BA Group following rescue from a failed zoo in Spain.

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