Zoe’s Community Challenge

Boots Opticians with the National Literacy Trust


The partnership between Boots Opticians and the National Literacy Trust highlights these important links between literacy and eye health. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million children with an un-diagnosed eye condition in the UK, which makes it difficult for them to read and write.

Over the past year, Boots Opticians and the national Literacy Trust have worked together on a bespoke programme which aims to find the children whose literacy skills are being held back by eyesight issues. Zoe’s Community Challenge involves Boots Opticians colleagues visiting primary schools in their local area to encourage children to read more for enjoyment and emphasis the importance of having regular eye checks. 6,000 Boots Opticians colleagues were encouraged to take up the volunteering opportunities created through the partnership, which amounts to a considerable investment into local communities across the UK.

The partnership has brought huge benefits to both Boots Opticians and the National Literacy Trust, and reached over 19,000 children across the UK. Two thirds of Boots Opticians colleagues now feel they have the confidence to support children’s literacy in their area, and the partnership has created a culture shift within the organisation.

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