BCA Riding for Rare Disease Research

BCA and Action for A-T


In 2019, the staff and customers of the automotive company BCA joined forces to raise funds for medical research into the rare genetic disease known as Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T). The company partnered with the charity Action for A-T to deliver a mass participation cycle event which started at their auction centre in Paddock Wood, Kent and ended in Bruges. 
The the partnership involved stakeholders from all across the business and various locations around the country and each participant was tasked with raising sponsorship for the charity. The cycle event was delivered by a small but knowledgeable team at Action for A-T to keep the costs low, maximise funds for research and build lasting relationships with the riders. BCA underwrote the event cost and secured high level sponsorship from their suppliers as well as matching their employees fundraising efforts.
More than 70 riders took part covering over 250 miles, over 3 days and £141,692 was raised for research into A-T. BCA are committed to helping the charity in their mission to find a cure or treatment for the devastating childhood condition and have raised over £340,000 for research into A-T over the past 3 years.

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