Barclays Spectrum / Terrence Higgins Trust

Barclays and Terrence Higgins Trust


Terrence Higgins Trust and Barclays Spectrum have been partners for the last four years in an employee engagement and fundraising partnership raising vital funds for Terrence Higgins Trust’s employability programme Work Positive, whilst offering mentoring, volunteering and pro bono opportunities to Barclays staff to support the participants and graduates of the programme. 
People living with HIV are disproportionately affected by long-term unemployment with unemployment rates which are currently five times higher than the national average. Furthermore evidence shows that unemployment rates are worsened by the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV which creates additional barriers to employment. 
Barclays and THT have worked together to fight these inequalities by raising funds and providing training, volunteering and employment opportunities for people living with HIV to regain their self confidence and re-enter the work place. 
To date, the partnership has successfully raised over £500,000 and supported over 200 people to enrol on the Work Positive programme.

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