Barclays and Pilotlight- harnessing business skills to help transform charities

Barclays / Pilotlight


Pilotlight and Barclays have a long-standing relationship dating back to 2008. Pilotlight and Barclays work in partnership to support charities across the UK, to enable them to be as effective as they can be. Over the 12-year partnership, in excess of 500 Barclays colleagues have supported 160+ charities that are addressing some of the toughest social issues here in the UK.

Barclays and Pilotlight have an incredibly aligned and therefore supportive approach to the partnership. At its heart is a desire to turbocharge the charity sector, and it is done so by engaging with Barclays colleagues who share insights and guidance. Barclays recognises that its colleagues have a wealth of experience that they have built up through their career, and the partnership with Pilotlight provides the ideal opportunity for colleagues to share their knowledge to help the charity sector. With this support, charities are able to address a specific challenge they are facing or take forward an idea that will benefit society.

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