Ansvar Insurance and The Hygiene Bank

Following a call for help from one of our partner brokers to help set up a local, Eastbourne branch of the Hygiene Bank, we quickly set up a team of (in-house) volunteers to facilitate this. 
The whole scheme was set up within a matter of weeks by our team of staff. Working with the charity we identified areas where drop-off bins could be located, liaised with the relevant parties to ensure they were happy with a bin being placed there (supermarkets for example) as well as in our own offices. Pick-ups are scheduled on a regular basis and we then deliver the donations to agencies in the area. 
We've worked tirelessly to promote the bank; speaking on local radio, appearing in local press, social media etc. This sparked a huge response from the community and almost 2 tonnes of health-related items were collected in less than 4 months - passed on immediately to needy residents in and around Eastbourne.

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