And That's Okay

Audible and Mind


Mind and Audible partnered in October 2018 to create the campaign 'And That's Okay.' It consisted of a World Mental Health Day Audible Sessions podcast and 9 videos featuring celebrities talking about their mental health: Katie Piper, Susan Calman, Bryony Gordon, Simon Webbe, Matt Haig, Matt Johnson, Vicky Vox, Marverine Cole and Clarke Carlisle .

Mind is the leading mental health charity in the UK and Audible is the leading provider of digital spoken work entertainment. This partnership had four key aims: 

1) Increase awareness and reduce stigma around mental health problems 
2) Raise money to support the work Mind do 
3) Highlight Audible's content around mental health
4) Increase awareness of the Audible brand.

Audible created the podcast and videos with guidance from Mind throughout on terminology and triggering content. Audible also donated £19,000 to Mind as part of the campaign.

Across social media, the campaign reach was over 181k, plus 54.4k views for the video on YouTube. One reviewer commented that the podcast was ""Life affirming"" and said they ""could not recommend this more"", whilst another on social media said ""I've just sent this to all my friends, indiscriminately. THANK YOU for sharing such an important post."

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