Amey Highways - making a difference

Amey’s Highway CSR team is made up of Lianne Butler (Gloucestshire), David Fawcett (Hampshire) and Keeley Russell (Staffordshire and Kent). Each of the four contracts produces an annual Community Engagement Plan (CEP) which states measurable objectives. When we first developed a CEP in 2013, we believed if we could help just one person we knew it was the “right thing to do”. That maxim still stands and continues to be our benchmark of success.

In 2016, 398 staff took part in Community Days supporting local charities and community groups including Motiv8, Dove House School, Naomi House Children’s hospice, Demelza children’s hospice and St John’s School.

The team have achieved their goals by engaging with the whole team and ensuring they understand and believe in our overiding philsophy. Led by Keeley,Lianne and David our key resource is the whole teams skills and commitment and the desire to make a real difference to local charities, groups and individuals. This approach has led to a genuine programme of activities and achievement.

We are very proud of David Lianne and Keeley – Highways Maintenance is not a traditional home for CSR and we believe they have been genuine trailblazers in community engagement.

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