Puffin World of Stories

Penguin Books and National Literacy Trust


Love of reading is one of the reasons I went into teaching . . . this has motivated me and reminded me of what’s important” – participating teacher 
Puffin World of Stories is a partnership between Puffin – the children’s arm of the UK’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House – and the National Literacy Trust to help primary schools revitalise their libraries as hubs of creativity and imagination. School libraries are vital for helping children develop a love of reading that can transform their life chances. Yet half of schools in disadvantaged communities don’t have a library and budget constraints often mean buying new books is impossible. 
Working with 58 primary schools between September 2018 and July 2019, we piloted a new and scalable approach to transforming primary school libraries. Each school received, for free, 500 brand new books, exciting audiobooks, bespoke teacher training and engaging resources – with remarkable results. We brought stories to life for 15,000 children, trained 101 teachers and gifted 29,000 books. 100% of teachers would recommend the project to other schools. 
As a result of the pilot’s success, we are delivering Puffin World of Stories to 80 more schools in 2019-2020, enabling us to reach a further 20,000 children.

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