CLIC Sargent and Morrisons partnership

Morrisons and CLIC Sargent


Since 2017, Morrisons has been helping CLIC Sargent to provide better quality support and expand their reach to every young person facing cancer that needs it.
Thanks to the ongoing enthusiasm of Morrisons colleagues, £11 million has been raised in just three years, but they’re not done yet. In February 2019, following a colleague vote, the partnership was extended to include a fourth year. With a revised fundraising target of £15 million, all money raised in this final year will open a new CLIC Sargent Home from Home in Manchester. 
The partnership is growing in strength with £4 million raised in the 3rd year of the partnership, compared to £3.4 million and £3.6 million in the previous two – a testament to the close relationship between the two organisations and the growing engagement of Morrisons colleagues and customers. Morrisons colleagues are now well-valued ambassadors of CLIC Sargent.
In three years, the partnership has made lasting, fundamental improvements to the ways CLIC Sargent is able to support young lives affected by cancer. The ground-breaking new services, that would have taken years to implement, are not short term projects, they will continue to grow and benefit thousands more families for years to come.

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