Asda Tickled Pink

Asda and Breast Cancer Now


Tickled Pink started as a fundraising campaign 24 years ago and is now an integrated, strategic partnership, that through a bold and ambitious vision, is striving to deliver real change around breast cancer diagnosis rates in the UK, to ultimately, save lives.
It is not the 24-year old history alone that sets Tickled Pink apart. It is the way the partnership has engaged colleagues and customers in new and exciting ways for over two decades, stepping on and evolving each year; the way it has innovated to deliver more impact, and its commitment to influence UK breast check behaviour.
As a long-term funder, the partnership has been at the heart of the incredible progress that Breast Cancer Now has made - life-saving research and treatments, as well as developing award-winning services for people affected by breast cancer. Breast awareness and early diagnosis is now the focal, strategic objective for Tickled Pink, delivering change beyond cash. The partnership has invested in research to understand barriers around breast awareness for different communities; developed a multifaceted breast awareness programme, and delivered disruptive campaigns in stores. As a result, Tickled Pink reaches millions of people every year with life-saving health information.

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